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We’re committed to efficient response times and accurate drone real time video to keep you safe, 24/7. Because your community is our community.

Why DroneGuardy?


360° Aerial Images

Our drones provide live stream video of your property so you know what is happening in real time.

Active 24/7

The capillarity of our drone pilot network allows us to be active and ready to fly 24/7 in case of emergency.


Our pilots are everywhere and they can intervene in less than 10 minutes from when your alarm goes off.

Fly whenever you want and get paid!

Flying your drone with DroneGuardy is a flexible and gratifying job, because it allows pilots to achieve their professional and financial goals.

Download Drone Guardy app

Our new mobile app Drone Guardy turns your passion into a job. It helps you gaining money in a smarter way by providing you with real time information about new missions.

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Protect your home and business wherever you are

In case of alarm our certified drone pilots will provide live stream video of your property so that you know what it is happening and are in control of the situation even from sandy beaches on the other side of the globe.

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