Why become a Drone Guardy pilot?

Easy and fast money wherever you are and whenever you want

Easy and Fast Money

Turn your job into a passion

Join the good guys and make your Community Safer

How does it work?

1. Receive notification of the mission near you.

2. Accept the mission and fly from your house to the designated area sending real-time images.

3. End the mission when your drone battery runs out.

4. Get paid 50 dollars for 30 minutes of flight during the day and 100 dollars at night.

Join our community  before
the launch and it’s free!

✓Earn 50 $ every 30 minutes of flight during the day

✓Earn 100$ every 30 minutes of flight at night or during holidays

Want to fly your drone and earn up to 200 $/h? Join our community for free now.

We’ll help you turn your passion into a business.